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TMJ joint

Temporo mandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and bruxism


The jaw is connected to the skull by temporo mandibular joints (TMJ).  These joints enable the closing and opening movements of the mouth, as well as the sideways and forward movements.


The temporo mandibular disorders (TMJ) can cause many other problems, among them:


-  Hypersensitivity or pain during jaw movements or even when the jaw is at rest; 

-  Limitations or difficulty to open, or close the mouth, joint noises like cracking or

   teeth grinding;

-  Muscle stiffness of the jaw, face, neck or shoulders;

-  Headaches


Dr Tremblay has completed advanced training cources in occlusion.  He bases his diagnosis on a complete dental examination and proposes the appropriate treatments to correct or improve your condition.  When necessary, Dr Tremblay works with a radiologist specialized in maxillo-dental, to obtain a thorough CT-Scan or Magnetic Resonance analysis.


Numerous treatments can improve your dental health; i.e. wearing a mouth guard can often reduce the intensity of the joint and muscular stiffness,  and also limit the wear of the teeth caused by bruxism (teeth grinding).  The meticulous equilibration of your occlusion or an orthodontic treatment can also improve the movement of your TMJ.  To reduce the joint inflammation, medical treatments, osteopathic or physiotherapy are also recommended.


Generally, these disorders require meticulous attention and thorough knowledge of medical dentistry.

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