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The Tremblay Dental and Implantology Clinic has implemented one of the safest dental care protocols in response to the pandemic. Our patients can be reassured knowing that our professionals have the necessary expertise in the application of the strictest sterilization and hygiene standards.


We have all the necessary protective equipment, which meet the highest standards. Our sterilization center has been perfected, our rooms are equipped with ventilation and air purification systems with HEPA filters, and our staff is trained in triage.


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Dental implants

Dental implants

Dental implants are used as a replacement to missing teeth. They are a popular treatment among patients who are looking for a solution that gives lasting results and a natural appearance. Materials used to manufacture dental implants are metal and titanium, which ensures their strength and stability.  Acting as an artificial root that is inserted into the jaw, the dental implant compensates for the lack natural root. To hold everything in place, surgeons use a crown, a bridge or a full denture which are attached to implants. A good adhesion between the bone and the implant will be formed little by little by osseointegration. Patients will get natural looking teeth in a matter of a few months, once the healing process is done. 


Struggling with tooth loss? There is a permanent solution.

As one of the most recommended treatments for tooth loss by dentists everywhere, dental implants produce highly satisfactory results and are much more preferred to bridges or dentures. As a matter of fact, implants are widely acknowledged as a permanent solution with incredible functional and aesthetic benefits. With dental implants, the bone is kept intact, the facial structure is well-maintained and adjacent teeth are preserved. Appropriate for people of any age group, implant treatments also solve chewing problems, which leads to improved digestion.  

 dental implants

Benefits of dental implants

There are many benefits! These apply to most patients, depending on their health status.

.  Loss of one or several teeth
.  Loss of all your teeth
.  Denture problems
.  Replacement of improperly adjusted dentures
.  Replacement of uncomfortable dentures
.  No age limit

 dental implants installation

The many advantages of dental implants

- When placed properly, dental implants keep your jaw bone healthy. This way, the risk of bone loss, to which people who are completely toothless are often faced, is reduced. In other words, there will be no unsightly slackening of the face, and you will be able to keep your youthful smile!

- Implants feel and function like natural teeth

- A success rate of close to 96%        

- No restrictions regarding food intake

- Modern implantology does not cause damage to adjacent teeth during the surgery

- To this day, it is by far the most long lasting solution to tooth loss

- Unlike dentures, implants do not cause daily discomfort or pain which can sometimes lead to ulcers

- Those who wear upper dentures will notice an improvement in taste and taste sensations with implants as they release the palate

- Chewing is greatly improved, which allows for better digestion

- Dental implants are not prone to cavities

 dental implants advantages

Dental implantology is a discipline that requires precision and assurance

The practicality of a dental implant has no equal. Dr. Tremblay provides all phases of treatment, surgery, prosthodontics, and computer guided dental implantology, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of the results and thus contributes to optimal results and personalized treatments for individual patients.

Dr. Tremblay provides quality treatment to all patients.


Rediscover the comfort and confidence to eat, speak and smile naturally!

 dental implants maintenance

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