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Invisalign TM

Invisalign or invisible orthodontics

There are many benefits to straighter teeth. Indeed, it leads to: healthy gums, easier cleanings, improved chewing and, a beautiful smile. Invisalign is the process of wearing clear removable appliances that are replaced every two to three weeks.  Each cup is individually aligned and customized to your teeth and will complete the process of moving your teeth to their final prescribed position, like regular braces.  Many orthodontic problems can be treated with customed designed Invisalign.


Benefits of Invisalign

  • Can be removed to improve dental hygiene, and pursue tooth brushing which keeps tooth decay and gum disease from occurring
  • Will show signs of overall gum health improvement
  • There are no boundaries on what patients can or cannot eat
  • Absolutely painless; the Invisalign treatment is not comprised of metal wires. Invisalign saves the discomfort of loosing braces, breaking wire or having metal allergies
  • Cleanings are quicker and easier.

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