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CEREC 3D represents a groundbreaking innovation that has ushered in a profound transformation within the realm of dental restoration. This cutting-edge process streamlines all three stages of restoration into a single, comprehensive dental appointment. The result? Ceramic cemented restorations (CEREC) that boast an unequivocal assurance of 100% strength and durability, mirroring the qualities of natural teeth.


By harnessing this advanced technology, we eliminate the need for traditional impressions, temporary solutions, and the often-time-consuming delays associated with laboratory work. The advantages of this state-of-the-art restorative dentistry technology are manifold, including its metal-free composition, biocompatible ceramic materials, and more.


Let us enumerate the key benefits: 


- Preserves the integrity of your natural tooth structure


- Completely metal free


- Biocompatible ceramic materials


- Expedient single-visit convenience


- Exceptional esthetics with color-matched ceramic


- Eliminates discomfort from traditional impression trays


- Exemplary durable


Experience the future of dental restoration with CEREC 3D – where innovation meets excellence.

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