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Benefit from our state-of-the art technology in our safe and caring environment.


 A laser is an optical electronic system which produces a precise narrow light beam which has a single wave length.


The laser is used in dental clinics for the treatment of gums and for non surgical treatment of periodontal pockets, soft tissue surgery (removal of benign tumours), endodontics (root canals), implantology (release of implants covered by the gum) and cosmetic dentistry.



Numerous patients feel additional comfort and are less anxious with the use of the laser.  Patients, including children are more relaxed and are also inclined to visit their dentist more regularly.



The laser allows the dentist to achieve quality work, reduces significantly the risk of post-operative complications and promotes healing.  The clinical results are also more predictable.

With the laser, the dentist can perform additional treatments to one patient, in a single session, so fewer appointments are required.   Previously complex treatments are now less challenging for the dentist.


Saves time 

The dentist can perform more care for a patient in the same session. There are therefore fewer appointments to be made. 

The laser also allows the surgeon to offer treatments that were previously difficult to perform in the office. 

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