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Dental emergencies can occur at any time, leaving you in need of swift and reliable assistance. Clinique Dentaire Tremblay is your trusted partner in managing these unexpected situations.


What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

While dental emergencies can vary, here are some of the most frequently encountered issues at our clinic:

  • Acute or persistent dental pain
  • Tooth fractures or breakage
  • Painful gum conditions
  • Swelling or persistent bleeding near the gumline
  • Loss of a filling or crown
  • Loose teeth or a deteriorating dental bridge
  • Discomfort or swelling around your wisdom teeth


Our seasoned team is here to alleviate your discomfort, address your dental concerns, and deliver the highest quality treatment for enhanced dental health.


Contact us today at 514 624-0390 or conveniently fill out our online appointment request form below to schedule your consultation. Your well-being is our priority!


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