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Smile make-over

Dr. Gilbert Tremblay practices complete smile make-over and implant rehabilitation. These services allow dental reconstruction and restoration of the masticatory function to maintain the requested appearance and dental health of the patient.  Dental rehabilitation is recommended in cases of loss of teeth, bone reduction, occlusion and joint problems, facial pain, masticatory problems, orthodontic and speech problems. Dr. Tremblay also provides smile reconstruction services. 


Nice teeth and a beautiful smile are now accessible to all!


Through his knowledge, and assisted by state-of-the-art technologies Dr. Tremblay applies the art and science of dentistry to better serve his patients.  The success of his therapeutic approach rests on his advanced clinical expertise, on the integration of medical and dental researches, on his patient’s personal requirements and aesthetic preferences.


Teeth whitening, veneers, gum surgery are amongst the numerous dental techniques available in aesthetics for a rejuvenated smile.

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3D Occlusion

Bite problems

Occlusion determines the way our teeth join at the jaw, its chewing ability and funcionnality.  The clinical exam inclu...
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