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Root canal

The dentist performs the endodontic treatment of a tooth when it can no longer be kept alive or because it is already necrotic, or may reach that point.


Some situations where root canal treatment is required :

- Deep cavity that has reached the pulp, at the nerve;

- A broken tooth filling that cannot be restored;

- Pulp irritated by trauma;

- Very extensive restoration;

- A tooth that requires a crown, but also requires the support of a pivot.

When tooth decay reaches the pulp where the nerve is located, the dentist must undertake to treat the tooth with a root canal to prevent bacterial infection. Once the bacteria have entered the pulp, the tooth must be treated.

A tooth that has had a root canal becomes fragile and more likely to fracture. It is advisable to restore such a tooth with a crown or a pivot to restore the strength.

technology use

Digital imaging and CBCT Scan

Digital radiographs are fast and accurate.  The great sensitivity of the sensors reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation.

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