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Sleep apnea

Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea, a breathing problem which disrupts sleep. It often causes short pauses in breathing which may last anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds, sometimes longer. Those who live with this kind of breathing disorder can sometimes experience close to hundreds of apnea spells in a single night’s sleep.


On a much deeper level, apnea prevents the body from having the deep and restorative sleep it needs. When left untreated, apnea can shift to another level, leading to diseases, even premature death.


What do we do?

However, oral devices can efficiently resolve mild to moderate sleep apnea cases. An apparatus is made of a mold that is created out of the patient’s teeth, who will have to place it in his/her mouth at night. This device prevents the jaw and tongue from thrusting back and obstructing breathing. Usually, dentists work closely with sleep physicians in order to choose the right mouthpiece for your jaw and dentition. We cannot but stress the importance of finding the right device because a poorly suited device may result in problems with chewing. Finally, please keep in mind that devices for people who wear dentures have yet to be designed.


These devices are not yet available for people wearing dentures.

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