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ZOOM teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, one of the most popular methods to restore radiance to your smile.


Modern smile aesthetic : WHITENING

Teeth whitening, one of the most popular methods to restore radiance to your smile.  It can be a good process for those seeking easy and immediate results.  Over time, teeth loose their radiance and become duller.  Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, tobacco, as well as pollution and food colorings contribute to this situation.  The use of hydrogen peroxide gel can correct this problem.  It is important to verify the pros and cons of using such products as these treatments are only applicable on healthy gums and teeth. Before your smile whitening treatment, a complete dental examination will be done by a dentist from our clinic.

 Cleant white smile after a dental whitening

Rediscover the pride of having a bright, even smile!

At the Tremblay Dental Clinic, we offer the Zoom! whitening treatment, a chairside treatment in only one appointment.

The Zoom whitening treatment is considered one of the safest treatments in bleaching to date and it offers immediate results.  The dentist applies hydrogen peroxide gel on the teeth which is exposed to a specific light that accelerates the treatment.  Our team members supervise this process with care and attention to detail.


ZOOM dental whitening in action


To find out more about our whitening technics, contact the Tremblay dental and implantology clinic!

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