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All-on-4MC dental implants in Montreal

What is the All-on-4 MC implant protocol?

The All-on-4 MC dental implant protocol has revolutionized the world of implantology by making it easier to place artificial teeth. Placing All-on-4 implants is much simpler than traditional implants. Unlike conventional implantology approaches that usually require at least 6 or more implants, All-on-4 uses only 4 dental implants attached to the jaw bone, resulting in a fixed dental prosthesis. 

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Who can benefit the most from All-on-4MC?

This technique is especially beneficial for patients who have lost all their teeth because it can give them complete dentition while providing equally natural-looking and comfortable results. Ideal candidates are people that have been wearing a denture for a while (i.e. those whose teeth have already been removed).  However, teeth can be removed before All-on-4MC dental implants are placed and on the same day of the intervention.


What are the advantages of this technique?

1. New fixed teeth in just one treatment

Unlike traditional dental implants which can take several weeks to place, All-on-4MC can be placed in one treatment, in the vast majority of cases.

2. Generally, no bone graft required

The two posterior implants are inserted into the front part of the jaw bone. By slanting the posterior implants, they gain more strength and fit naturally into the bone. With this procedure, bone grafting is no longer necessary and can be performed on patients for which traditional implants are usually contraindicated. A dental exam is necessary in order to confirm that this surgical approach is right for you.


3. Success rate of more than 95% (as high as traditional dental implants)

To practice this type of intervention, the dentist must have training in surgery and prosthodontics on implants. This is the case with Dr. Tremblay at the Clinique Dentaire Tremblay who practises dental implantology.This surgery is low-risk and has a very high success rate.


4. Lower costs

Because bone graft is not required and only 4 implants are inserted into the jaw bone, the All-on-4MC technique is often less expensive than other implantology techniques.


5. Durable and easy to maintain

Once in place, they are easy to care for and can last for many years. Patients are pain-free, which allows them not to worry about their implants. They only need to take care of their All-on-4MC dental implants regularly like they would with their natural teeth, to make sure they last for a long time!


Are there any contra-indications?

Very rarely is an implantology technique contra-indicated. However, there are some health issues to take into consideration, which could interfere with the treatment. Talk to the professionals at Clinique dentaire Tremblay in Montreal: they will be able to give you the right information on this type of dental implant surgery.


How does the procedure work?

First, you need to book an appointment with the dentist to discuss your situation and expectations regarding the dental surgery, and to determine if the All-on-4MC technique is right for you. Your dentist will also explain in detail the intervention, cost and results of the intervention, making sure you get all the information you need regarding your situation and its specificities.


If you decide to proceed, our professional team will prepare a treatment plan specifically suited to your needs. Dr. Tremblay will examine each case closely to provide you with the best possible solutions.


At your first appointment, the dental surgeon will place the All-on-4MC implants and a temporary removable prosthesis: this way you can leave with a new set of teeth on the same day! After a few months, when the implants are properly secured in the jaw and healing is complete, you will get your permanent prosthesis.


Dental implant surgery, as any other surgical procedure, requires experience and advanced knowledge. Surrounded by a team of highly qualified professionals for over 20 years, Dr. Gilbert Tremblay offers quality care in implantology, in a safe and comfortable surgical environment.


All phases of our treatments from the placement of All-on-4MC implants, crowns and prostheses on implants to occlusal adjustments are performed at our clinic and supervised by the Dr. Tremblay. Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation!

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