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Complete smile rehabilitation

Your smile is a reflection of your personality and one of the first points of contact between 2 or more people.  Clean, well aligned and white teeth are some of the essential qualities to maintain a healthy smile.Our clinic offers complete smile reconstruction services to create a smile that blends with your smile.  We have many successful examples of such transformations; we use the best procedures and technologies to give you a youthful smile.


When you have missing teeth, the option of dental implants has no equal.  This treatment has gained popularity because of the evolution of the technology in the dental practice.  Dr. Tremblay offers computer guided dental implantology treatments, which improve the performance and accuracy of the protocol for personalized and optimal results.


A general way to restore your beautiful smile

At the Clinique dentaire Tremblay, we use a global approach to restore your smile.  Your dental surgeon takes into consideration the following parameters:


- The smile morphology

- Consideration of the facial dimension

- The lip movement

- The gum structure

- The support of the teeth and bones on the facial tissues


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