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Implant solutions for edentulous patients


At the Clinique dentaire & d’implantologie Tremblay,  we offer all dental implantology services under one roof, you will not be directed to another dental office for treatments.  We offer lasting solutions for partially or completely edentulous cases.

Replacing a single missing tooth

Different types of implants are available depending on individual cases. If you have lost one tooth and if you are currently wearing partial dentures or bridge, an implant crown is probably your best option.  Just like a natural root, a dental implant acts as a base for a crown. Single tooth dental implants look natural, feel comfortable and give you exactly the same functions as a natural tooth.

Replacing multiple missing teeth

Leaving multiple missing teeth can cause bone density loss during mastication. The shape of the jaw alters and loses volume, leading to premature aging of the face.

If you have lost several teeth, an implant supported a bridge may be the best solution. An implant supported bridge is safe, strong and does not cause problems to the adjacent natural healthy teeth.


Several advantages of dental implants


            • Dental implants have been used by dental professionals for over 40 years as an efficient and reliable method for replacing missing teeth
            • They provide the same function as the roots of your natural teeth;  you will not see any difference
            • With good dental hygiene, they can last a lifetime
            • They contribute to bone preservation and limit bone loss
            • They offer stability and comfort
            • They provides the same look, the same feel and the same functions as natural teeth


Replacing all teeth with implants

Options for patients needing full mouth tooth replacement (edentulous maxillary or mandibular) include fixed or removable solutions. These treatment options can be used to replace conventional dentures with fixed dentition without palates, and have a perfectly natural look.

Dr. Tremblay will advise you on the most appropriate treatment options for you and will guide you to the best choice available.


                  • Removable prosthesis on implants
                  • Fixed bridge on multiple implants  
                  • Removable bridge on a fixed implants
                  • Fixed bridge using the All-on-4mcprotocol


Immediate Smile

In most cases, you can leave the same day with new fixed teeth.

To determine whether dental implants are the best option for you, the first step is a consultation to assess your treatment options.  Each case is analyzed individually and customized solutions are proposed.


Our implantology team remains at your disposal throughout the treatment !

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