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Thank you very sincerely for the exceptional quality of care provided with great professionalism. Finding myself in good hands, I was immediately reassured and I am very satisfied with the results.

Thank you to the entire team!



Thanks to Dr. Tremblay and his team, for his care and special attention to my dental health. Thanks for my new teeth! Life-enhancing!



Upon our arrival at the Tremblay Dental Clinic, we are greeted by courteous staff. Their professionalism is immediately noticed.  And there is much to say about the advantages for dentists who benefit from the most advanced dental technology.

Thanks to you, I can smile freely again!



For many years (20 or 25 years), my smile was kind of a grin in order to hide my ugly and very worn out teeth.

Since I met Dr. Tremblay and following the work of art he has done in my mouth, he created a new person, more outgoing and proud to smile.

Dr. Tremblay, thank you very much to you and your team for changing my outlook on life!



A year and a half ago, I had my first appointment at Dr. Tremblay’s Dental Clinic, to evaluate the severity of my problem with loose teeth, which I have endured for several decades. The pain had settled permanently and made it difficult to smile.

Because I did not have enough bone to keep my teeth in place, Dr. Tremblay performed a bone graft and dental implant surgery.

The big day has finally arrived, the realization of my new smile.  What a joy!

 I am now the woman who smiles the most in town because of my beautiful smile.  All this, thanks to the professionalism of Dr. Tremblay, a team that listens and that is so friendly and the use of equipment at the cutting edge of technology.  This procedure has changed my life and most importantly, I now feel free to smile!



A dream comes true!

And this dream came true at the Dr Tremblay’s Implantology Clinic.  For several years, my dream was to feel my teeth strongly rooted and tight in my gums and as natural looking as the teeth that I lost long ago.

I now 'taste' this feeling every day!



I am grateful to Dr. Tremblay for his unique dental expertise.  I believe that he is one of the few dentists in North America to be able to do this kind of reconstruction, using the latest technologies.   His ability to perfect a 'bite' using computer software is quite startling!

I feel happier and I now take a real pleasure in smiling, I have a freshness of smile that gives me a healthy, younger look!

Thank you to a great team!                                          



Following several stages, you have succeeded, with great dexterity to perform a complete dental restoration.  After a decade, I regained a balanced and normal occlusion. It is also a gift on an aesthetic point of view, as I am now encouraged to smile and laugh to the fullest.


Mr. G.L.

I should have had braces when I was young, but my family could not afford them, I must also take responsibility for some neglect during college years.  In recent years, I have had problems with corners of my teeth breaking off.  My teeth also showed more than normal wear.

Dr. Tremblay gave an understandable analysis and prognosis.  He clearly explained why these problems were occurring, largely because of malocclusion.  He proposed a program of dental rehabilitation that analysed the position of my teeth and their angle, which corrected my bite.  Advanced techniques with crowns and implants were used and the outcome provided not only excellent permanent functionality, but also, very attractive cosmetic results.  I am extremely pleased with the procedure.

 Mr. G.L.

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