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Dental surgery

During a dental exam, your dentist proceeds with verifying the possible occurrence of cavities and also verifies the status of your fillings, the general state of your dental health, for possible fractures, wear or other possible problems.  X-rays will allow him to view more closely problem areas. 

At the Clinique dentaire Tremblay, we use naturally coloured fillings of composite resin or ceramic inlays of the same colour of your natural teeth.  Available in numerous colours, they allow us to obtain highly aesthetic results.


The CEREC technology offers our patients an excellent solution for preserving, strengthening and protecting the teeth with a long term prognosis.  Ceramic restorations have excellent properties for adhesion to natural enamel to protect and preserve natural teeth.  Inlays can better withstand the strength of the mastication movement.

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CEREC 3D is an innovation that has revolutionized the world of dental restoration. Through this process, we are able to combine the three stages of restoration in ...
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